Where am I? — Testing the “GeoIP Location” WordPress plugin


European map, credit: Calvin Hanson on Unsplash
This is a test of the GeoIP Detection WordPress plugin by Yellow Tree. Its FAQ page on GitHub is very informative.

This page provides the location of you, the reader of this post, based on your IP address, parsed into various components, such as time zone, continent, country, state (in the US) or other “most-specific subdivision,” and city—or, alternatively, as latitude/longitude.

My motivation for installing this plugin was to avoid unnecessarily displaying an irksome GDPR Cookie Banner to visitors from non-EU countries.

Here are the results for your IP address:1FYI, I relied upon the WP-GeSHi-Highlight plugin to be able to render verbatim the shortcodes in the following code.

  • Time zone: Europe/Riga
  • Continent: EU
  • Longitude: 24.0978
  • Latitude: 56.9496
  • Country: Latvia
  • Country code: LV
  • Most-specific subdivision: Riga
  • Code for the most-specific subdivision: RIX
  • City: Riga

The above output is generated by the following code in this WordPress post:

 	<li>Time zone: Europe/Riga</li>
 	<li>Continent: EU</li>
 	<li>Longitude: 24.0978</li>
 	<li>Latitude: 56.9496</li>
 	<li>Country: Latvia</li>
 	<li>Country code: LV</li>
 	<li>Most-specific subdivision: Riga</li>
 	<li>Code for the most-specific subdivision: RIX</li>
 	<li>City: Riga</li>


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